VR Mystery Game UI

Role: UI Designer, Visual Designer

I was tasked with designing the primary User Interface for a client’s Oculus Rift Virtual Reality video game.
The game (name redacted while still in development) is a combination of mystery, horror, and cyberpunk FPS originally intended to be a launch title for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Gear, though changed in development schedule have delayed it.

The primary aesthetic consideration for the project was that the game’s protagonist is a cybernetically enhanced detective; all menus and HUD within the game were expected to be experienced through that lens, preferably as holographic projections. Additionally, a core mechanic revolves around tying the Player Character’s health to the level of tension being experienced led to the decision to represent health qualitatively via a heart graphic that would beat more rapidly and erratically as the player neared catastrophe. Building from the “X-Ray” effect of the heart graphic, I was directed to represent the character’s weapon in cross-section as well, giving a visual cue as to ammunition remaining while staying true to the aesthetic.

A mockup of the assembled elements
A mockup of the assembled elements