• Batman Rogues Gallery

    Digital Illustration by J.M.

  • Primate Triumvirate

    36″ x24″, Digital

  • The Crit Monster

    20″ x 16″ | Illustrator linework with Photoshop colors

  • “Let’s Get High” Poster

    16″ x 24″, Digital

  • Celtic Batman Symbol

    Image © J.M.

  • Eat Bacon, Die Happy

    11″ x 17″, silk screen on paper

  • Dream Big

    Ink and Photoshop

  • Utilities Insurance Website

     Role: Web Designer/Front-End Developer

    Service Line Warranties of America, a purveyor of insurance policies for non-public utility lines, needed a fresh site template to replace their aging web presence.

  • Nature/Nurture

    A type treatment/photomanipulation experiment done in Photoshop. I used photographs of living trees for the “Nature” portion of the image, and images of stock lumber to simulate the grain of the wood in “Nurture.

  • Final Thoughts (and DLC Speculation) on Bioshock: Infinite

    SPOILER WARNING: The following post contains plot spoilers for Bioshock:Infinite. I have to hand it to Ken Levine and the team at Irrational Games, everything leading up to Bioshock:Infinite’s finale were an incredible piece of game storytelling.

Digital Illustration by J.M.

36″ x24″, Digital

20″ x 16″ | Illustrator linework with Photoshop colors