Modern Bakery Website

Website display for bakery

Role: Web UX Designer
Client: Butter and Batter Bakery
Tools Used: Client interviews, Competitive Analysis, Usability studies, Adobe XD

The owner of this local bakery approached me for assistance in building a more robust web presence. She already had a domain, but the only website on it was a single page letting customers know the address an business hours. She wanted not only a layer of polish on the site, but an expansion into online orders she could have prepacked and ready for pickup, decreasing the time each customer needed to be in their relatively small storefront.

After careful research, including competitive analyses of two other direct in-market competitors, we worked out the requirements together:

  • Minimal footprint, with an emphasis on the store portion
  • Able to process online orders and take payment through the site while allowing customers to pick up their orders in person
  • Clean, modern look to appeal to upscale clientele, which also retains some degree of “home baked” rusticity

We chose a simple color scheme based on baked goods: our design system used colors like “Rye Brown” and “White Flour” to keep the bakery theme front and center at every step. Admittedly, we did take the baking theme a bit far, and after showing some potential customers different solutions we settled on a compromise between a sort of formal business standard website and our original design. We also brought in a product photographer to take professional shots of the initial lineup of products, showcasing them in a much more flattering way than older photos taken in-house.

The final site not only included the visual polish mentioned above, but a robust ordering system powered by Shopify to support online sales. In the first three months of operation, the site’s online sales grew from nothing to nearly that of the brick-and-mortar storefront, representing an effective 100% increase of revenue for this small local business.